66% abandon mCommerce due to poor checkout experience

Posted: 22 May, 2013 in Uncategorized
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What should be a perfect marriage, commerce and mobility, has despite potential taken a wrong turn due to lack of standard. Most solutions are poorly designed from a UX perspective, making the consumer anxiety to shoot thru the roof or set up in a way forcing the user to enter to information each time looking to complete the purchase.

Although many consumers favor the convenience of shopping on the go, there are a number of barriers preventing these users from completing a purchase on their smartphone or tablet.

The top reasons cited by users are not feeling secure about entering credit card information and the checkout process being too difficult.

The latter can lead users to feel frustrated when they have to type and retype personal information into the tiny text boxes often found when checking out on smartphones.

“Companies often employ the same strategy on both mobile and desktop, which means retailers are missing the mark on what consumers want – a convenient, painless way to conduct transactions on the go.” says Marc Barach, chief strategy and marketing officer of Jumio, Palo Alto, CA in Luxury Daily.



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