Is the melting point for physical stores 50%?

Posted: 16 September, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Retail sector after sector disappears from High Street locations as the need for their existence shrinks. Travel might have been first, today 90% of all leisure flights in the US and Sweden as well as in the UK are sold on-line.

But also books and other media (DVD/CD) that have struggled for years seems to disappear in a faster tempo than previous years, still 40-50% are sold off-line by traditional ways.

Closing and accessories in the UK and Sweden is another segment that are quickly moving in on what seems to be the critical mass, not to mention electronics. Today well above 30% of all clothing business in the UK and Sweden is handled on-line and retailers shows signs of closing down stores nation wide.

Footwear and Sporting goods in the UK market is also close to 30% and could very well be next. Surprisingly this segment in Sweden and the US remains fairly low still despite millions invested in platforms and commercials. So the question remains, is the melting point for physical stores 50%?

As the below articles reveals there are to some extent a cure in the shape and form of increased online/offline integration and enhanced customer experience. Continue reading in The Future Shopper

About Barnes & Nobles (Washington Post)



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