UX, The straight line between your webb and higher revenues.

Posted: 16 September, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I often get the question of assisting companies to analyze their conversion potential on their external webb.

The very core of these jobs spells UX (User Experience). What is the proposition value, how high is the anxiety level? Other relevant questions are color and contrast, call to action and other key elements such as “above the fold”.

Example: Consumers +50 years old, usually with fairly sizable wallets, typically still remains fairly anxious making payments online, do you give them constant assurances in payment steps 1 through 4? 

Lets begin by making a Customer Journey Map and clearly define the interaction points the customer makes with your brand during her journey, both physical and online. How does these rate from a UX perspective? High or low? Secondly determine which points that needs to be improved and how.

To improve the UX is never free, but usually gives something back in terms of revenues, loyalty or repeated business.



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