Don’t get stuck with reactive channels.

Posted: 8 May, 2014 in Uncategorized

As we have left lexicons, phone books, dialing and a few other behaviors behind us since long and the consumer web turns 20 it is perhaps time for a quick reality check.

It is important to realize that a technology shift occurred in 2007 that paved the way for an all new proactive technology. That in opposite to reactive channels such as a catalogue or even the internet of today gives users, i.e customers and consumers adequate information on the fly. Personalized messeages and real time information, made out from either location or time for instance rather than pulling out the information from a search based behavior. As these users in rapidly growing amounts learns to accept and wanting this type of information your reactive channels such as your web or web based applications are growing old.

While above, I am sure, is well known facts it is highly important to realize that lack of proactive chanels will cripple your long term business. Simply spoken, web and webb based applications alone will not cut it anymore.



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