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In a recent post I asked if Apple had lost the edge on mobility or if they would put the user perspective back in focus. Said and done! Yesterdays show at #WWDC13 gave little doubt that Apple yet again has taken a firm grip and a lead on design and user perspective on their mobile platform, iOS.

However, is a screen cluttered with apps cutting edge one may ask? Are not development actually leaning towards a new breed of apps that are situation and/or geo sensitive? Called upon when there is a demand, either manually or based upon user behavior or position? Around the corner apps will interact with us, not the other way around.

That however might be something further down the road and in the mean time I for one will enjoy the new iOS 7.



Being first does not guarantee the #1 position on the market. As developers of the Android platform focuses even more on usability, creating high user value and adapting rapidly to demands and needs, and creating some new ones under way, none of the updates of iOS 6 so far has given any indication on that Apple is catching on.

Key features such as navigation (Googles re:released map application for iOS is not cutting it!), big data, improved voice command and mCommerce ability, but also the overall design and functionality, are beginning to feel hopelessly behind competition. As wearables coming strong in the next years the pressure increases further!

I have strong faith in Appel’s power to create new wonders, but that is not the question. It is rather about to adapt the iOS platform to a new era.



Hardly any business if any have an interest in becoming average, yet nearly all businesses choses to compete over consumers with traditional and similar values, models and technologies. And this in an age when the consumer more than ever expects to get what they want, regardless what time of day it is or where they are.

Case: Netflix

Streamed video services became a global phenomena in 2012, instantly killing the friendly neighborhood home video store. In the basics they all are offering you as the consumer the same basic product, streamed video over a technology used by millions, high speed broadband.

However one company took the concept one step further and created a solution that attends to the behavior, needs and demands of the consumer. In this case a seamless experience that allows the user to start watching on one device, pause and then continue watching else where, regardless of time, place or device.

Early 2012 Netflix had a 61% market share in the US, and that with a below average content I might ad. Something likely to change however as they started to produce high quality content them selves.

Case: Tesco

About 15 month ago I wrote in my newsletter aimed for airports about Tescos virtual shop at a subway station in the city of Seoul. Since then Tesco did another worlds first, in august 2012 Tesco launched a similar service at an airport in London and today they have virtual stores all over the world, typically at places where potential consumers are waiting around for something else.

Again we are looking at a business full of traditional values and models, thanks to Tesco forever reinvented.



There are obviously plenty of other examples, just mention Apple and most people will recall how they revolutionized another business, the mobile phone market or why not the music industry. But regardless of what business you are in there are plenty of things still undone, regardless if you are in the leisure, retail or in the travel sector affordable technology is there for you and your business to pave the way.

Plenty of credits to Ziggy Creative Colony for inspiration and a thoughtful seminar.