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In a Forester blog post Adam Silverman is touching upon the subject of that Shoppers avoid contact with digital stores. I can’t say I am surprised, however not due to a poor concept but rather due to that the consumer has not matured enough. Read it here: 



As businesses are discovering the need to adopt a 360-degree approach in their online strategy to remain competitive they are faced with a few challenges. This calls for a new digital ecosystem where they can adapt a disruptive mindset, understand customers’ external behavior, engage with them across multiple touch points and (very importantly) demolish internal silos to achieve a unified online strategy.

While the ongoing digital revolution has enabled customers to reach enterprises through multiple channels one angle that needs to be taken into account is that customers are embracing technology at a much faster pace than enterprises, yet nearly all businesses still choses to compete over customers with similar business models, traditional values and to often without embracing innovation and technology.

They remain on hold in comfortable patterns and old habits. However, customers are unforgiving when their aspirations are not met! Your performance will be measured down to the last detail.

In this emerging scenario, businesses must rethink their Customer Experience Management (CXM) models. As with so many other things the starting point here is a change in the human mind set, traditional silos needs to be disrupted and bridges needs to be built between all the customer touch points, all the way from the web to the call center to packaging but also in the upper layers of Management right down to the genitors. It calls for a structural change, strict governance and also a cultural shift!

In summary the challenge for the enterprise is to provide its customers with a consistent experience through multiple touch points, irrespective of when and how it occurs. Continuity is the new black when it comes to maintain a great customer experience!

Besides the cultural shift and changes described above a first step in the right direction is to bring forward a blueprint where the entire customer journey is mapped out and each of the customer touch points are identified and evaluated. Without this your efforts becomes fragmented and siloed.

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