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”Customers visiting our Newport store will discover a design that is built around their experiences and delivers an interactive shopping experience that mirrors their mobile lifestyle,” said Larry Evans, vice president and general manager for AT&T in Ohio to

As the lines between the physical and digital retail worlds blurs even more and consumers continuously turn to their mobile devices and apps AT&T has gone an extra mile to meet the tech savvy consumers with cutting edge services.

The new Connected Experience Zone features ”lifestyle vignettes” that offer customers a glimpse of how solutions can be used in customers’ everyday lives. These lifestyle pavilions will highlight categories such as music, home security and entertainment and more.

Next is the Community Zone, featuring ”community tables” that encourage customers to shop and play in an open and interactive space. This space merchandises apps, accessories and devices to show customers how they can work together.


As Mobile Commerce Daily recently wrote, The retail POS (point-of-sale) market is quickly evolving thanks to the increased popularity of mobile payments.

Retailers, in a moderate pace, are currently realizing that hand held check-out devices increasingly are requested by customers but also increases service levels. With more movable staff, out of stock items are with ease still paid for to be picked up in-store or delivered to an address preferred by the customer.

In the next level customers them selves will handle many of these functions directly with their devices and (not to forget) wearables. Early leaders such as Starbucks are already using mobile payments as a means to augment existing payment mechanisms.