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Closing in on 2014 a majority of businesses still handles Social Media poorly. Due to two stories that came to my attention yesterday I wanted to touch upon the subject yet one more time.

The story goes something like this: A flight attendant lets the captain know that one of the passengers complain that it is too cold in the first class cabin. The captain responds, how many Twitter friends does she have?

First up, the Swedish post code lottery #PostkodLotteriet (Webb)

Background: They got scrutinized by one of larger swedish news papers (SvD), The news paper wanted the CEO to respond to several critical questions. The CEO, to make it easy on him self, instead appeared in a competitive paper that had not made the same accurate research.

Yesterday the pressure to appear in SvD increased further resulting in that the CCO and other employees of the Post Code Lottery on Twitter started their own campaigns, criticizing the journalist and looking to persuade her to settle for a written statement etc.

Lesson learned:

  1. Always have a clear sender, never private accounts,
  2. Always answer the question in the forum where the question originated,
  3. Use Twitter mainly for CRM, NOT for pointless campaigns

Note: The Post code Lottery has obviously not learnt this lesson as they carry on also today.

In a local news paper yesterday it was revealed that a waiter during a dinner had said something inappropriate to one of the guests. Five years ago the incident might not have caused anything more than a comment from the guest to his pals at work the day after, now 5000 people shared the incident on Facebook. Obviously highly embarrassing for the owner of the establishment.

Few if any business uses social media for anything but outgoing communication, typically spam like messaging.

In a world where everyone is connected and where a customer might have more readers than an average local newspaper the importance of a social media strategy cant be neglected any longer.



Historien går ungefär så här: En flygvärdinna påtalar för kaptenen att en passagerare klagar på att det är för kallt i första klass. Kaptenen svarar -Hur många kompisar på Facebook har hen?

I UNT (Uppsala Nya Tidning) den 12 september kunde vi läsa att en obetänksam servitör råkat säga något dumt till en gäst. Något som för fem år sedan förmodligen inte vart mer än en snackis under fikat på jobbet blev en story 5000 delat på FB. I dag har relativt många gäster fler läsare än en genomsnittlig svensk dagstidning.

De flesta butiker och restauranger finns i dag på Facebook och använder kanalen som sina egna anslagstavlor, ett vanligt fel. “Like” hysterin fortsätter, What is in it for me?!

Vad få om några av dessa verksamheter äger är en strategi och beredskap kring hur dessa kanaler ska nyttjas när exempelvis något oförutsett händer. Om de skulle lägga lika mycket energi på social media och webb som sina skyltfönster vore hälften vunnet.