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The cool Mr. J. P. Gownder (@jgownder), Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research hit the spot on his blogg the other day in an article about converting tablets into the ultimate sales tool by integrating Augmented Reality in to the process.

I have for a year been involved in a very similar solution to the one Metaio have developed for Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating. The scope is simply to provide the sales reps from a national brand installing large scale cooling equipment into industrial sites with iPads that in an instant can demonstrate the buyer or other stake holders such as the architect how the ready made solution will look like fitted where it is suppose to be.All by using Augmented Reality.

For the ever growing Home Depot style sector, the technology is the next logical step, for both customer used apps and/or sales rep apps, that in a world of tight margins also can include direct access to daily fresh price lists, CRM etc.   As Mr. Gownder concludes, the gains are several:

  1. A richer customer experience during the sales cycle.
  2. Allayed fears among buyers who worry what the units will look like.
  3. A faster sales cycle, performed on site.
  4. Higher close rates and revenues.
  5. Lower printing costs for sales collateral.

To Mr. Gownders Article


Martin Gill, principle analyst for Forrester, says that the pace of change is getting faster and faster. That’s not going to slow down. We agree.

Per se we are experiencing a technology revolution every 50th year, electricity and the TV set are two. Telephony another. We today see magnificent steps been taken in retrofit just about anything with a GPS or a chip, and I yesterday learnt that Ericsson are making fantastic progress with the fleet of Maersk and Ambulances in Brazil.

Controls, displays and opportunities for data collection will only get smarter, offering the potential for things like biometric security, image projection and chemical sensors for food.

From a retail perspective location, time and making use of user set preferences can all help create a personalised experience. “Are they in store, are they in a competitor’s store, are they about to get on a flight?” Walmart, for example, delivers an app customised for when a customer is in store with content relevant to where they are. Distance, depth, aisle, floor, direction and what time of day it is could all be put to use in the near future.

Martin Gill continues, “If you remember anything, remember mobile is the glue – it brings the best of digital and the best of physical together.”

To emphasize this further I would like to quote my colleague @AndreasSjostrom, he call the smart phone the Remote Control of Life.