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Has it ever occurred to you that many establishments with-in the F&B sector has a somewhat different take on issues like loyalty and utilizing digital chanels all together? I have found some interesting input from companies such as Signal, looking to find sensible strategies for businesses in this sector.

Many of these business I have become familiarized with have a very ad-hook and spontaneous relationship with their guests. Unlike retail businesses the relationship with the guests seems to be a little more random and there is no or little preventive work with in loyalty and building sustainable relationships other than on the floor, while the guests are present. I am certain that not all would agree but according to my findings this sector is a slow adaptor.

For example: As guests like any consumer also have a thing for personal and not least relevant offers it is important to understand how to best target their wallets. I.e random is not good enough, you need good information that includes food preference, customer age, and favorite time of day to visit. According to Signal who has extensive knowledge within the business a brief mobile or web survey is often the easiest way to get these details.

Businesses within F&B can expect a respond rate of around 30% or above with a mix of email, direct mail and online.

Once they have mapped out different segments you can start targeting offers, adapted to specific groups. There are several different ways of doing this, here are a few:

• create groups of similar customers based on the attributes collected or,

• by age,

• or based upon deal interests.

You can read more about the above and other relevant topics in a new free book called “#UX Is the consumer experience in the center of your business model?” Available on iTunes or here.


In a recent post I asked if Apple had lost the edge on mobility or if they would put the user perspective back in focus. Said and done! Yesterdays show at #WWDC13 gave little doubt that Apple yet again has taken a firm grip and a lead on design and user perspective on their mobile platform, iOS.

However, is a screen cluttered with apps cutting edge one may ask? Are not development actually leaning towards a new breed of apps that are situation and/or geo sensitive? Called upon when there is a demand, either manually or based upon user behavior or position? Around the corner apps will interact with us, not the other way around.

That however might be something further down the road and in the mean time I for one will enjoy the new iOS 7.