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“While food remains one of the last few remaining categories of consumer products to ‘go digital,’ there is growing evidence that several aspects of grocery shopping are trending to online” says Hartman Group in a new report.

Simultaneously Nielson reports that digital shopping intentions specifically for food and beverage categories have increased by 44% in the past two years.

Before even leaving for the grocery store, shoppers consult social sites like Pinterest for inspiration. 54% of all online consumers use social media to discover new foods and share food experiences.


As the integration of the Internet and grocery shopping continues to evolve, those within the food and beverage industry should get ahead now in order to reap the benefits in sales. Both search and social play a part in the food and beverage purchase path, so you need to ensure your site and profiles are correctly optimized.



Being first does not guarantee the #1 position on the market. As developers of the Android platform focuses even more on usability, creating high user value and adapting rapidly to demands and needs, and creating some new ones under way, none of the updates of iOS 6 so far has given any indication on that Apple is catching on.

Key features such as navigation (Googles re:released map application for iOS is not cutting it!), big data, improved voice command and mCommerce ability, but also the overall design and functionality, are beginning to feel hopelessly behind competition. As wearables coming strong in the next years the pressure increases further!

I have strong faith in Appel’s power to create new wonders, but that is not the question. It is rather about to adapt the iOS platform to a new era.