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We have already in another article here found that most businesses in travel, retail and leissure still tend to compete with the same values and business models rather than moving towards the consumers with the help of simple and available technology.

It’s billed as a battle between the high street and the internet. But a new report shows that traditional stores need to embrace mobile and social media technology to meet shoppers’ new priorities.The report is analysing global retail and technology trends.

A few quick wins drawn from the conclusions are:

  • significantly less stock on pricy high-street locations,
  • better customer service face to face,
  • low cost pop-up stores in remote locations.

But the future of retail also holds other challenges, how to create a better shopping experience is a topic high on the agenda. For inspiration I would like to promote North Face climate chamber in their flagship store or Hackett that also offers shoe shine and hair trimming in addition to their regular merchandise. But rather than comparing offline and online presence and treating these as separate entities it is vital that your online presence complements your physical offline offer and that one draws traffic to the other and vice versa.

However, changing technology is only part of the story, according to Kantar Retail and The Futures Company, as the real key for retailers is understanding and meeting shoppers’ changing priorities.




“The social and political import of the Internet of Things is that things can now
participate in the conversations that were previously off-limits to Things. That’s
not as manifestly grand a statement as it may seem. It means, in simple terms, that
Things, once plugged into the Internet, will become agents that circulate food for
thought, that “speak on” matters from an altogether different point of view, that
lend a Thing-y perspective on micro and macro social, cultural, political and personal

Please continue to read the following paper from Julian Bleecker